January 15, 2021

Hand Car Wash & Detailing


This is a service that means different things to different people. Typically it is a complete reconditioning of both the inside and the outside of the vehicle. However, we realize that some vehicles do not need this amount of service or the customer wishes only some type of “mini detail”. We will shampoo just one mat or clean an entire interior..remove a scratch or polish the entire vehicle. We can and do make recommendations but always leave it up to the customer as to how they would like to spend their money. Never will you be pressured or up-sold to a service that is neither wanted nor needed. We do believe strongly however, that proper cosmetic maintenance is money well spent as your vehicle will retain a much higher resale value as a result. It is also more practical to maintain your vehicle’s appearance than to try and restore one that has gone past the point of no return.

Paintless dent repair

This is a wonderful service provided at Clean Getaway whereby a skilled technician can remove minor door dings and dents for your vehicle saving you the expense of a body shop repair and the time that the vehicle would be out of service. Most repairs are invisible after this service and it can be done in a few hours. Sometimes Less! Costs vary here but as a rule, the first dent in a panel runs about $130 with each thereafter in the same panel priced at $40. This is a service that needs to be scheduled so please call to make an appointment.


Want to add some accent to your car? Tasteful pin striping can distinguish your car from all the rest and we work closely with a very talented artist who can tailor his skills to your desire.

Every customer’s needs and condition of their vehicle varies so we will need to see the vehicle for pricing on detail services. It simply is not fair, to either party to, have a set price for this kind of work. Some cars require over an hour just to properly clean the wheels while another may need two hours to remove tar from the paint. You should not have to cover the cost of these “what-ifs” via a single price structure. You should, however, pay for the time and materials necessary to properly service your car and we therefore estimate prices on an individual basis. It will take only minutes to assess your needs and is usually easiest to do just after a wash. So why not do both at once?

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